Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pheonix Kahanu Tribute

I created this piece for my hula sister, April as a gift for her new baby boy, Phoenix Kahanu. It was an 8 x 10" original piece made from cut paper. I free-handed the design with a knife based on a collection of images that I had researched. 
 For reasons we will never know, he was taken away from us all at the tender age of 13 months. As a way of healing and support, I combined my image with my Kumu's olelo no'eau (Hawaiian proverb) that he created also as a means of overcoming the grief and loss. A halau is family, and we all felt the loss personally and grieved with his parents like one of our own. I designed this poster as a tribute to the unending spirit that Phoenix will have on our lives and remembering his legacy. 
This is a 12" x 18" glossy poster available for purchase. There are limited quantities available. The proceeds will benefit the Phoenix's Family. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lauhala Designs

A good friend of mine and hula brother, Pi'iali'i Lawson is a master of lauhala weaving. He has been a weaver for many years and learns from his Kumu in Hilo. He makes the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories. I created these pieces in honor of him and his craft; a Hawaiian tradition.
Pi'i and his lauhala pieces, including that amazing hat he his wearing!

 I tried to capture the intricate detail and pattern of a lauhala piece. It is very confusing; the patterns look so simple but when you try and duplicate them you realize how complicated they are!

This is a lauahala or Pandanus tree, found all over Hawai;i. The dried leaves from the tree and stripped of their thorny sides, soaked in water and stripped again to get the nice long pieces suitable for weaving. A very complicated process that I can appreciate after going through the process on Kaua'i.  Painful too- the spines on the leaves are very sharp!
Lauhala Mat
 For more information about the items he sells or workshops, read more on his website. You can attend one his workshops to create your own Lauahala Bracelet! Pi'i's Website

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Handmade Hair Clips

So, as I was making my hair ties, I searched for other cute ways to use fabric cover buttons. I rounds these metal snap clips with holes on them. Using metal wire, I secure the cover buttons to the snap clips for cute hair barrettes! One pair for $5- click on my Etsy shop if you are interested in making a purchase. I have many designs available. Etsy Shop

 My six year old daughter is the best model!

Handmade Hair Ties

Lots of Styles to choose from!

 Secured with wire to the Goody elastic hair tie.
 Wear them with ponytails, single on a ponytail, or a pair on a braid! My daughter picked these herself!
 I went a little crazy with my latest cover button project. I had all this extra aloha print material and thought how cute they were on these buttons. I attached a Goody ouchless elastic band to each of them with a wire, so they are really secure. I am selling a pair for $5. I had to do Hello Kitty, of course. My daughter is modeling them on her hair. Enjoy! If you are interested in making a purchase, please visit my Etsy shop. Please let me know if you see a style here that is not in my shop.
Etsy Shop

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Na Lei

Orchids, Ti leaf and strung Tuberose
As a hula dancer, I was taught to make my own lei as part of our lole, or costume. All dancers in my halau are required to gather and pick the components of the lei and put them together before the performance. We learned many techniques and how to used different flower and leaves. It must be well put together and very neat; able to withstand a few performances And it must look exactly how our kumu, or hula teacher demonstrated it to us.  
Strung Bottlebrush



Orchids with Ti Leaf


Orchids, Tuberose and Ti Leaf

Floral Designs

These are samples of floral designs that I have done for events, friends, gifts, or weddings. Enjoy!